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CARACANDAO - Thiolized Hazy IPA

CARACANDAO climbs one more step on the IPAS ladder. In this recipe, made in collaboration with our friends at Attik, we use a Thiol precursor, made from freeze- dried Sauvignon Blanc grape skins, to extract more fruity aromas, in this case from the malts. Thiols are sulfurous aromatic compounds, which bring us aromas of white fruits: apple, pear, melon, pineapple, stone fruits... These Thiols are found free in hops, but also “blocked” in malts. The use of this precursor of Thioles manages to release them and generate even greater variety and intensity of aromas in our beer. Also, as always, an incredible base of malts and flakes of different cereals, an important load of hops (Mosaic, Simcoe and Galaxy) so that the beer does not lack anything and our favorite yeast so that everything is round.

Temporary Series/Can 44 cl.