Terms and Conditions


Identification details

  • Domain name: cervezasanfrutos.com
  • Commercial name: Cerveza San Frutos
  • Company name: Cervezas Segovia S.L
  • CIF (TAX ID): B-40252991
  • Registered Office: Avda. Hontoria, 27. Parcela 86, Nave 4. 40195. Segovia. Spain
  • Contact: +34 921 447 175 | info@cervezasanfrutos.com

CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS S.L. (henceforth CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS) purchase terms and conditions.

The prices and conditions of sale are given for information purposes only and may be modified in accordance with market fluctuations. This notwithstanding, making an order by completing the purchase form implies acceptance of the price given and the general conditions of sale at that time, save for those orders for products which, by human or computer error, have a price below that of the manufacturer’s cost and orders for which stock is unavailable. In these latter two cases, CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS will automatically reject said orders. Any order made directly through the website must be checked and expressly accepted by CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS. The client will receive an email should their order be accepted. Once CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS has confirmed the order, it is understood to be formalised and the purchase made in full, with all legal guarantees safeguarding the consumer in place. From this moment, the prices and conditions are contractually binding and cannot be modified without express agreement between the parties. The contract will be formalised in Spanish. The e-document used to formalise the contract will be filed and available to the user in their client area.

1.- Returns

Under current legislation, products may be returned for whatever reason within a period of 7 days from receipt by the client. This requires the conditions given in this conditions section to be met.

Returns conditions for private clients

  • Under ACT 47/2002, dated 19 December, reforming Act 7/1996, dated 15 January, regulating Retail Commerce, the following products may not be returned:
    1. Contracts for the provision of goods whose price is subject to fluctuations in the financial market coefficient which are not under the control of the seller.
    2. Contracts for the provision of goods drawn up per consumer specifications or evidently personalised, or those which, by their nature, cannot be returned or may quickly deteriorate or pass their sell-by date.
    3. Contracts for the provision of audio or visual recordings, discs and computer programmes which have been unsealed by the consumer; additionally, computer files supplied electronically, downloaded or used immediately for permanent use.
    4. Contracts for the provision of daily papers, periodicals or magazines.
    • Goods must be returned in their original packaging (complete with all accessories), in perfect conditions and protected, with no stickers, seals or adhesive tape touching the surface or packaging of the item. If these conditions are not met, CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS reserves the right to deny any restitution.
    • With the goods received in perfect conditions, the cost will be refunded if so requested.
    • Transport costs from product returns are met by the client.
    • Repayments effected by bank transfer shall take a maximum of 30 days for administrative processing, although we aim to ensure no more than 7 days pass before the refund is received.

    2.- Warranty

    Product Guarantees

    In accordance with current legislation and the following conditions, CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS guarantees all computer equipment, components and other products that it distributes.

    The consumer may contact the seller or the product manufacturer who will answer for any non-conformities found within two years from delivery (one year for second-hand products).

    Should a defect appear within 6 months of acquiring the product, it is assumed to have existed when the product was purchased, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

    However, if the non-conformity appears after 6 months or there are any doubts, the manufacturer may request an independent assessment before processing the warranty. There are no problems if there is a clear case of the product malfunctioning or working abnormally.

    In any case, during the time when the consumer is without the product, the warranty shall not be considered in effect, e.g. if repairs take 15 days, the warranty shall be extended 15 days beyond the original date given.

    Directly contact any manufacturer providing a warranty of over the 2 years stipulated by current legislation; CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS accepts no liability for such circumstances.

    CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS shall meet delivery costs arising from exercising product warranty where the non-conformity exists in the goods acquired. All actions should be taken in accordance with the instructions given by CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS, following request and acceptance.

    Conditions for companies and distributors: When the client is a distributor or bills as a company (non-natural person), costs for deliveries to our installations will be met by the client as consumer goods legislation does not regulate transactions between companies. Furthermore, the warranty in these cases shall be as stipulated by the product manufacturer.

    Consumers can complain when the product does not conform to the contract:

    • The goods purchased are different from the seller’s description.
    • The goods purchased cannot be used for the purposes for which goods of this type are intended.
    • The product cannot be used for the special purpose required by the consumer and agreed upon by the seller.
    • The product does not meet the expected quality or performance, particularly given public declarations (advertising, pamphlets, labelling, etc.) regarding specific characteristics made by the seller or manufacturer.

    The consumer / user has the right to:

    • Repair or replacement. The consumer/user can choose repairs or replacement, unless one of these proves impossible or disproportionate. Having a higher cost is considered disproportionate. Non-expendable (when a special product) or second-hand goods cannot be replaced. Both repairs and replacement should occur within a reasonable period of time and costs shall not be charged to the consumer.

    NOTE: At present, there are many manufacturers that manage product faults/defects/incidents directly to provide a quality post-sales service and to reduce the time involved. In these cases, CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS will always provide instructions on how to proceed to facilitate the process.

    • Reducción del precio o resolución del contrato.Procederán cuando el consumidor y usuario no pueda exigir la reparación o sustitución y en los casos en los que no se hubiera llevado a cabo en un plazo razonable o sin mayores inconvenientes para el consumidor y usuario. La resolución no procederá cuando la falta de conformidad sea de escasa importancia.

    Voiding warranties

    The warranty shall be voided under the following circumstance:

    • Incorrect use, handling or maintenance of equipment, multimedia kit, component or peripheral device by the client.
    • Software and/or virus problems.
    • Components burned out by electrical surges or overcurrents.
    • Components broken or damaged after being bashed./li>
    • Equipment repaired, modified or extended incorrectly by the client.
    • Deterioration, removal or hiding (by the client) of the warranty label from CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS or the manufacturer of all the products made or distributed by CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS (including those comprising a system, multimedia kit or semi-system).

    In short, no damaged material or item that shows clear signs of mishandling will be accepted.

    Not covered by this warranty

    The warranty does not cover defects arising from incorrect product use. In these cases, the consumer is responsible for effecting repairs.

    Similarly, the warranty will be in effect for latent and/or product manufacturing defects under CC article 1490.

    Processing the warranty

    The consumer/user can apply the warranty by contacting CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS. However, there are some manufacturers that manage product faults/defects/incidents directly to provide a quality post-sales service and to reduce the time involved. Here, the client may choose to take or send the faulty product directly to the manufacturer’s technical support service (at no cost to the client).

    3.- Order cancellations

    Order cancellations which involve refunds to the client by bank transfer shall occur within a period of 30 days for administrative procedures, although we aim to ensure the period does not exceed 7 days.

    Delivery and Shipping Costs

    Shipping costs for your orders correspond to:

    Peninsula (within Spain): 24 Pack: 8’26€ (VAT not included) 12 Pack: 7’18€ (VAT not included) 6 Pack: 5’39€ (VAT not included)
    Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Ceuta & Melilla: Not applicable Not applicable Not applicable

    For deliveries outside Spain, check special conditions at: info@cervezasnfrutos.com.

    General terms and conditions

    Once the order is confirmed and full payment received, it will be processed and sent to the delivery address provided within 48/72 hours. CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS will make all possible effort to meet the delivery time stated, emailing or telephoning the Client to make this party aware should any situation arise that may affect the given delivery deadline.

    As the CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS online catalogue covers available products that may not be stored in a single location, orders for more than one product may involve various deliveries, i.e. part-deliveries until the whole order is met.

    With confirmed orders containing products with different delivery dates, CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS will automatically process the delivery as soon as all products become available (providing regular updates in the meanwhile). You may request that those products available at the time of your order are delivered immediately and all other products come in a second delivery once available. In this circumstance, you must meet the cost of this second delivery.

    Check the state of the goods and that the number of packages delivered is as indicated on the carrier’s delivery note when the carrier arrives with your goods. If there are discrepancies in the goods received or they are visibly damaged, this must be noted on the carrier’s delivery note and CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS and the transport company informed within 24 hours. Write an email to info@cervezasnfrutos.com or use any other reasonable media. Note: Claims received beyond this 24-hour period will not be accepted.

    CERVEZAS SANFRUTOS accepts no liability for any damages resulting from a delay in delivery or the non-arrival of the same, specifically loss of earnings or any consequential damages arising from a delay in or loss of production that the Client may incur as a result of the delay.